We shot this for our own band, Clean Bandit, in May and June 2011.

Many thanks to everybody who helped. This production would not have been possible without our dear friends Joe Aiken (photography in car and moped shots), Henry Stringer (Technical director and stunt driver), Shirley of Ghetto Youth Theatre, Sheba Anvari, Terry Patterson, Richard Patterson, Ruth Chatto, Richard Chatto, The Latymer School, Laura Sheldon, Josh Anio Grigg, Gabby Woolf, King Solomon Academy, Aaron Kirkhouse.

And thanks to those in front of the camera: Ghetto Theatre Actors

☆ Kerise Dixon ☆ Oluseyi Adu ☆ Danny Charalambous ☆ Candice Harris ☆ ☆ Donna Sam ☆ Shirley Mason ☆
☆ Sal Cikikcioglu ☆ Abigail Bowes ☆

Cello Children

☆ Marika Karatepeli ☆ Aika Ono ☆ Yorie Ono ☆ Nano  Ishihara ☆ Yukimasa Ishihara ☆ Toshiya Kitamura ☆
☆ Mayuko Kitamura ☆ Ritsuki Nakoji ☆

Ssegawa Sekintu-Kiwanuka, Neil Milan Amin-Smith, Luke Patterson.

The song will be remixed by Ikonika and Pirate Soundsystem.